#100actions4the planet, climate & people


During COP 23, #BonnFiji invites you to an open 17 days of "#100actions4the..." conference. You can run your own sessions & share your favorite projects 4 the planet, climate & people! Make it yours!


17 DAYS - 17 #SDGs 

Taking action against climate change is not an individual responsibility. It is a collective movement which we cannot succeed if we do not stand together, stronger, and as one single voice despite our diversity. The voice of citizens who take action is more than needed today as the adverse impacts of climate change continue to affect the life of millions of people across our beautiful planet. A planet we all care about! That is why the United Nations have initiated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap to guide the global development agenda and national planning steps in the post 2015 era, including one goal on taking urgent climate action.

From 6th till 17th of November 2017, world citizens are meeting in Bonn for the 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) which will be held in the "Bula Zone" and "Bonn Zone", only accessible with a UN accreditation. In order to not leave those without accreditation behind, and to enable them to connect with people from inside the conference sites, we have created the "Fiji Zone" to provide a dynamic space where we can express ourselves and mobilize our peers to join the journey towards a safer and better climate for all.

We, the founder of the #BonnFiji" initiative, are young climate enthusiasts from Bonn who have the mission to "STOP GLOBAL WARMING, START HUMAN WARMING". We are based at BonnLAB which will be the "Fiji Zone" during COP 23. As you all know, Fiji has the presidency of the COP in 2017. We are happy to support our friends from the other side of the planet - the Fiji Islands and we want to support them as good as possible. Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama acknowledged COP 23 as „a great responsibility for a small island state“. We agree also with him that „[As] a small Pacific island state, we need to show the world the problems we face.“. We would be very happy to host as many Fijian sessions during the 17 days barcamp as possible. Fijians who are in Bonn are welcome to share their experience in the "Fiji Zone" at BonnLAB. H.E. Bainimarama continued that the conference shall be „a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue that builds empathy and leads to decision making for the collective good“. We should work on it and live it together.

In 2015 all nations decided to sign the Paris Agreement to raise ambition on countries national carbon reduction plans. Without the power of the people and a change of our mindsets we will neither achieve the Paris Agreement nor the SDGs by 2030. People have to take action, now and by themselves. Here comes the #BonnFiji DECLARAcTION. The declar-action is a declaration to take action and a call to all citizens and governments to take shared responsibility.

During 17 days referring to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the "Fiji Zone" will be a space to express ourselves and host sessions aiming to engage and mobilize others to learn about our initiatives, support our campaigns, understand our approaches, and dream with us while taking concrete steps toward achieving the SDGs, including climate action.

We offer 100 sessions in an open conference format (called "barcamp") to raise awareness for things that we can do for the planet, the climate and the people - made by the people. We will document every of the #100actions4the sessions and compile the outcomes for making our DECLARAcTION.

The "Fiji Zone" will be opened from 3rd till 19th of November 2017 from 7:00am to 00:00am. From 7:00am to 2:00pm, the co-working space can be used for free. Between 2:00pm and 8:00pm it is the "official" barcamp time - there, every contribution counts. Every action matters. Every idea is an asset. Every voice has an added value. After 8:00pm, there will be nice evenings where everyone get together for drinks, music, networking and intercultural talks.

Every citizen can be a dreamer who does what they wish to do. Every day we can raise our voice and make it loud enough to ensure our future is not about survival. Every day people will come together to co-create, exchange, learn, discover, share, amaze and empower each other, sing and raise ambition together, connect with likeminded peers, laugh, love our passion, and travel around an unforgettable journey of realizing #100actions4the planet, the climate & the people!

The Fiji Zone is made for us! Everybody can hold a session, a skills sharing or learning event, a cultural performance, a capacity-building session, etc. Design yours now by submitting a proposal as an organizer or a contributor to one of the 100 slots we are making available on a first come and first serve basis.

You are flexible to choose one or more actions. If you think that your topic does not fit to the SDG of the day it's not a problem because everything is interconnected. It's not important that your action fits perfectly in the scheme, it's important that you want to contribute something to #100actions4the planet, the climate & the people.

ACTIONS #1 to #6: NO POVERTY (DAY 1 | 03.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #7 to #12: ZERO HUNGER (DAY 2 | 04.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #13 to #18: GOOD HEALTH & WELL/BEING (DAY 3 | 05.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #19 to #24: QUALITY EDUCATION (DAY 4 | 06.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #25 to #30: GENDER EQUALITY (DAY 5 | 07.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #31 to #36: CLEAN WATER & SANITATION (DAY 6 | 08.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #37 to #42: AFFORDABLE & CLEAN ENERGY (DAY 7 | 09.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #43 to #48: DECENT WORK & ECONOMIC (DAY 8 | 10.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #55 to #60: REDUCED INEQUALITIES (DAY 10 | 12.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #61 to #66: SUBSTAINABLE CITIES & COMMUNITIES (Day 11 | 13.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #73 to #78: CLIMATE ACTION (Day 13 | 15.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #79 to #84: LIFE BELOW WATER (Day 14 | 16.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #85 to #90: LIFE ON LAND (Day 15 | 17.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #91 to #96: PEACE, JUSTICE & STRONG INSTITUTIONS (Day 16 | 18.11.2017) 
ACTIONS #97 to #100: PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS (Day 17 | 19.11.2017)

To find out more about the SDGs, visit the UN website at:

This is what you have to do next if you want to submit a session: 
"Aufgabe übernehmen" means "to take the task".

0) Take action by selecting 1 (or more) of 100 actions in the "helpteers" list. 

I) CHOOSE your "action" + "motivation" & tell us who will be your contact person at this link.

II) Please describe your session proposal here.

III) We will soon be publishing your session in our calendar, on our website and in social media channels. Feel free to spread the word about your session and invite your own contacts, friends and colleagues to join us!

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V) See you @BonnLAB in your "Fiji Zone" during your session and COP 23!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! SEE YOU @BonnLAB in your "Fiji Zone"