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17/03/2021 - Kick-Off Event

Wednesday, 17 March; 17:00h - 18:30h (CET)

Let’s start our first digital EUSTORY Annual Network Meeting together! Get acquainted with organisers and participants, explore the digital conference environment, enjoy a preview on the upcoming programme and use this opportunity to get to know your fellow participants.

EUSTORY International Office

18/03/2021 - A Digital Market Place: Insights Into National Competitions

Thursday, 18 March; 17:00h - 18:30h (CET)

Get involved and identify innovations to be implemented in other countries! Your colleagues (and maybe also yourself) are making an effort to display insights into the current state, hot news, best practice or current challenges of the different national EUSTORY history competitions. In this session we will organise a speed dating format for mutual exchange. Bring your questions regarding concepts, strategies or best practice examples of competitions in your country, share your experience and provide and receive advice from your colleagues.

Please notice: In the run-up to this session, it is necessary that you take a close look at the digital exhibition that will be elaborated by the national EUSTORY competition organisers. The link to the exhibition will be provided here some days prior to the conference.

EUSTORY International Office

18/03/2021 - Active Break

Thursday, 18 March; 18:30-19:00h (CET)

Would you like to free your mind a little bit before diving into the next gripping discussion? Do you want to stretch your body before you turn your thoughts back to an exciting topic? Then this break is just perfect for you: Starting with some mindfulness, we will stretch and move our body. It’s all office or living room compliant so you do not need any additional equipment, just a chair and a little bit of space. There will also be a surprise guest – so let yourself be surprised! We look forward to seeing you there!

It would be joyful
Nana Tsikhistavi, 18.03.2021
EUSTORY International Office

18/03/21 - Keynote and Debate: “Local Hero, Global Villain? How a Bismarck Monument in Hamburg Triggers Hot Debates on Germany’s Postcolonial Legacies”

Thursday, 18 March; 19:00h - 20:30h (CET)

A costly renovation of the world’s largest Otto von Bismarck monument in Hamburg triggered an emotional debate which shines a light on unresolved questions relating to Germany’s postcolonial legacies.

Speaker: Jürgen Zimmerer, University of Hamburg

EUSTORY International Office

19/03/2021 - How to “Update” Monuments: Best Practice from Our Competitions

Friday, 19 March; 17:00h - 19:00h (CET)

Many of our societies are struggling with the question of how to handle the legacies of the past that have turned into a burden for following generations: outdated monuments, dubious plaques, or signs of glory for worn out heroes of the past. Are there any alternatives other than just erasing these traces?

We believe that the EUSTORY Network can contribute to these discussions by sharing creative ideas from participants of national competitions on how to comment, criticise, or reflect these legacies without losing sight of the past. In this session, we want to evaluate the potential of best practice examples within our network.

We hope that many of you will select an example from your competition prior to this session! Please start thinking of best practice examples from your competition. We will provide more details on how to organise this session after 8 March!

EUSTORY International Office

19/03/2021 - Soul Kitchen, Voluntary Joint Event

Friday, 19 March; 20:00h - 21:00h (CET)

Is it true for all our countries that the best parties end up in the kitchens? We will evaluate that further by streaming from our kitchens (if possible) while preparing a dessert made of ingredients from our conference parcel. Be ready to experience Hamburg cuisine and share insights from your national cookeries!

EUSTORY International Office

20/03/2021 - An Open Space for Topical Exchanges

Saturday, 20 March; 17:00h - 19:00h (CET)

We want to make sure that this digital Network Meeting meets the needs of all participants! Feel free to come forward with an idea for a topical session or an exchange with (some of) your fellow participants here or contact us at We are looking forward to your ideas and input!

EUSTORY International Office

20/03/2021 - Farewell Night

Saturday, 20 March; 20:00h - 21:30h (CET)

Save this date for a fun Get-Together with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond!

EUSTORY International Office

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“Warm-Ups” and Joint Breaks

Don’t forget to sign up for our informal half-hour slots which we offer before or after some of the official sessions. Enjoy interactive exchange and intercultural activities with your international colleagues!

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