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Voices Not Heard: The Climate Fight of Malaysian Youth

On the 16th of November @ 7.30pm .

This film is produced by recent Northwestern alumni Miranda Cawley and Scott Brown, who traveled to the COP21 Climate Negotiations in Paris in 2015.

A short description of the film: As climate change begins to wreak havoc, especially on the world's developing nations, a 23-year-old Malaysian activist travels to Paris to represent young people from countries like his at the COP21 climate negotiations. His journey to discover his role as an activist on a global stage, to speak up for the underrepresented Global South, and to continue fighting now in the face of U.S. President Trump's abandonment of the Paris Agreement, provides insight into the world of international climate negotiations and activism that is rarely reported to the public


Climate Change Communication for Engaging Decision-Makers & Community Members

Our session will aim to cover all types of communication, including mentoring, engaging other activists, education, media, coalitions and political lobbying.

Using principles from Pyschology, Sales, & Leadership, we'll discuss strategies for more effective communication- whether with a friend, stranger, or politician. By using the right values to frame our cause, youth activists we can have a bigger influence, and understand patterns of disengagement. We'll teach simple strategies that you can use to structure your discussions, talks and arguments to be more inclusive, positive, and well-received.

This event will be held on Thurday, 9 Nov. 2017 at 17:00pm. See you there!
Sarah Voska, 08.11.2017


Climate justice and a sustainable development don't work without businesses. The EU directive on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which was recently translated into German and other EU member countries law "forces" bigger companies to a sustainability reporting. Certainly, a political step towards transperancy a sustainability that requires some effort by companies (finally, yay). But is this obligation only to be seen as an annoying duty? (From a company's point of view). Aren't there many pros to integrate CSR into one's company's core business and to report about one's sustainability performance?

Sure enough, it's hard for many companies to find a soloution to the new obligation. Also for small and medium sized companies that, as a result, have to report about their ecological and social performance to a certain degree, as well, this duty comes up - on top to their every day business.

What's the deal with that obligation? How to create that sustainability report efficiently and thoroughly? And how to approach an integrated (and authentic) sustainability management that is no greenwashing?

A key note is going to tackle these questions - looking forward to a discussion!

Date: 09.11.2017

Time: 17:30h

See you :)

Marian Rondorf

Isabelle Casel

Disarmament for global Justice, abolish nuclear weapons - celebrate the nobel peace prizes

The nobel peace prize for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is a success which we want to celebrate with you on the countrywide action day of the peace movement, November 18th. With our demands to end the wars, disarmament for global justice, détente and abolishion of nuclear weapons we want to make our governments aware that war is never in the interest of the peoples. Any war is also the ultimate human and climate catastrophe. Violence is in the nature of man - war on the other hand is organized, technical violence in the interest of (small groups) of the powerful to maintain and expand their power. War is also a dimension issue and goes hand in hand with the depersonalization of combatants fighting for the interests of others. To celebrate the success of ICAN we have a special Pinata for you.

Action 94: #disarmamantforglobaljustice Date: 18.11.2017 Time: 17.30
Isabelle Casel, 05.11.2017
Aktualisierung - Zeit Vorverlegung: Aktion 93: disarmament4globaljustice Date: 18.11.2017 Time: 16.00
Isabelle Casel, 07.11.2017


Climate change can be hot... in a good way! Come and find how to use your sexify in order to promote climate awareness and action!

ACTION #(): #seduce4theplanet

Date: 15.11.2017

Time: 15.00h

Ana and Alicia

Natalie Chirchietti


We are really interested in how we can create urban spaces, which invite everybody - regardless of mobility constraints - to spend time in that space. We love the concept of "8-80 cities”. "We believe that if everything we do in our cities is great for an 8 year old and an 80 year old, then it will be great for all people."

During our session we want to discuss with you the basis of liveable, accessible and playful cities. We are part of a worldwide movement called Cycling Without Age. Our work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and the social glue of our society. Our cycle pilots take local elders and care homes residents out on ‘trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair. We enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle, to regain social connection and for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives.

Come and discuss with us and take a ride with our trishaw!

ACTION 66: #cycle4thepeople

Date: 13.11.2017

Time: 7:30 pm

See you soon!


Kelvin Lai


Feeding 8.5 billion people by 2030 not only presents a tough challenge as to how we will achieve that, but more importantly how it can be done without our planet getting hurt. Conventional agriculture puts a big toll on the environment – pollution, land degradation, deforestation, and increased carbon footprint.

We’ll discuss the urgent and often invisible need for an agricultural paradigm shift, i.e. sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of farm produce. Such a shift requires a lot more than conferences and ‘design thinking workshops’, but above all collective, ground-up actions, and civilian participation. Good news is, contrary to popular belief, farming today no longer requires us to cut down trees, pollute our waters, and orphan our animals. The methods are diverse, abundant, and accessible. We'll even try out one or two of those during this session!

Greedy agri-corporations don’t want us to act. Let’s show them they are silly to think we won’t. Because if the planet matters, sustainable farming matters.

ACTION 63: #farm4theplanet

Date: 14.11.2017

Time: 15:00 hrs




ACTION 21: #Raise4thepeople

Date: 06.11.2017

Time: 16:00h

Nature’s Conservation is the only Gift we Can give to our Next Generation.

Raise hands Nepal share common dreams with as of all the youth around the world. We dream of living in a community of peace with prosperity and natural security. Some of the common Dreams of ours we are discussing are clean green, balanced and pollutant-free surrounding for the next generation. Conserved and healthy ecology help ensure the sustainability of human race on Earth. We increase awareness among people to raise voice for animal rights, our rights to survive in harmony. We want people to speak out loud for wildlife rights of all creatures. Reuse Reduce and Recycle of the plastic waste and clean energy development for Nepal.

People in the context who love snakes and all creatures coming together to form a rescue group

of entrepreneur volunteers to lead the campaign to next generation.

Johanna Schäfer

#initiate4theplanet -----> you make it like that ->#YOURACTION4the...planet / climate / people

Please tell us something about:

1.) Use the title you created in the excel sheet:

2.) Write down in 4 - 10 (or more :D) sentences what you want to do during Your 45 minutes of "barcamp" session. (You are free and you can do what you want and what you think has an impact for the other participants. It's totally fine to share what you are doing in / why you are doing your business. Or you can also make a call to action or invite people to talk about something that you think is important.)

3.) Please tell us the date and time you selected here:

+ sign with your name. =)

MY SESSION PROPOSAL: #initiate4theplanet

"WHY I STARTED THE #BonnFiji initiative...

...or why the only chance to reach a goal (in our case the SDGs) is by taking action!

Actions are key to create a better future. But our scope of action is limited. Basically we have "only" our thoughts, mouth, hands and ears. We have to use them to communicate what we want inside for ourselves and others. By shaping a team we have the power to follow a mission. The team will plan and strategize to reach its goal. This is what we have to enforce to reach the SDGs by 2030. All the great things in life started by somebody who was taking action - an action like creating, telling, moving, constructing, designing and so on. Our actions have a huge impact - every day we eat, drink, dress, consume, read, see, discuss, think,... and we should choose wisely how we do it - because there are things that are good for the planet, climate and people and there are more behaviors which destroy and have a bad impact.

Let's talk about actions, the power of our Stop global warming, start human warming campaign and your expectations about the #BonnFiji initiative."

ACTION 01: #initiate4theplanet

Date: 03.11.2017

Time: 14:00h

Looking forward to see you.

Johanna Schäfer

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