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- translating the content

- translating the website

- preparing transifex to prepare further translations

- bitbucket (managing and developing available and new content)

Tools used:

- Sphinx





Domen Kožar

Nix project (packaging, developing and deploying)

Diving deeper inside Nix infrastructure. Stop by to ask question and try out Nix.

It's recommended to watch the talk from Tuesday before attending the barcamp:


Django Girls

Let's help Django Girls build their websites together!

This session is about:

- improving Django Girls tutorial (

- helping Django Girls attendees make their first open source pull request

- helping Django Girls finish their tutorial from Monday

- creating a group of people who wants to learn Django and will follow the tutorial together

Mercurial and Kallithea

Mercurial ( is the version control system written in Python and used by Python.

Kallithea ( is a new Open Source repository hosting solution for Mercurial and Git repositories.

Let's hack on them, discuss them, and see what happens!

If you are interested, ping
Mads Kiilerich, 26.07.2014


Any work on Jython. Jim, Oti and maybe Darius will be there on Saturday.

To simplify collaboration, I have set up an etherpad at
Oti Humbel, 25.07.2014


Work on fixing bugs, documentation and new features for pytest-django. (At least) two committers will be present.

Oliver Bestwalter

OwnCloud Pyocclient - cleanup and release on PyPi

If you found Constanzes keynote inspiring enough to cut yourself of from the big data collectors like Google and others, you can set up your own cloud and even use Python to upload and manage it!

source: (ownCloud client library for Python)

We want to clean up the code and make a release on Python to make it pip installable and easy to integrate.

OwnCloud is a tool to create self hosted clouds (

We meet mostly on saturday...
Steffen Lindner, 21.07.2014


A Flask ( and Werkzeug ( a core dev (me :) ) will be there during the entire conference and of course at the sprints on Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to contribute to Flask or Werkzeug, work on your own Flask/Werkzeug projects, feel free to join us, ask questions or whatever.

Hi I'd like to attend to .... where and when ?
Erika Pellegrino, 26.07.2014

MoinMoin Wiki 2.0

Work on any moin2 feature / bug. Do testing. Bring it forward!

A overview and all important links are there: dynamic dns service / software

As some people were fed up with existing dyn dns services and also wanted a nice, free and self-hostable one, we made a new one - using python, django, dnspython, bootstrap, jquery, ...

We could hack on any issue or feature, some ideas are in the issue tracker. source / issue tracker to see it live.

bepasty - a universal pastebin / single click hosting service

Pastebins are usually for pasting text.

bepasty generalizes the idea to pasting or uploading anything.

bepasty is implemented with flask, bootstrap, jquery, jquery.file-upload, ...

We could work on any feature or issue from the issue tracker. source + issues

xstatic - static 3rd party files as pypi packages

Do you have 3rd party static files just committed to your repo?

Are you unhappy with that state? Then xstatic might be something for you.

XStatic is a packaging standard to package external (often 3rd party) static files as a python package, so they are easily usable on all operating systems, with any package management system or even without one.

It's main idea is being small and simple. It doesn't want to sell you some web framework or lots of functionality. You want static files (like jquery or bootstrap or ...), you get them. That's it.

There are already some xstatic-* packages on pypi. We could update some, package some new ones or do any other xstatic-related work.



Any work on Sphinx (

I'm a co-maintainer of Sphinx documentation tool. Let's enjoy to work on Sphinx development! (Unfortunately, I will attend only the first day (26th SAT)).

I was just in (practical pybuilder), which is a nice approach to standardizing python project structures and was shocked to hear that it does not have Sphinx intergration yet. I would like to write a pybuilder plugin that does that and will likely ask for your input what would be the best way to do that :)
Oliver Bestwalter, 25.07.2014
Topics of Sprint * Simplify the procedure from making translation catalog to building output * Building multiple languages translated output in one command? * Supporting additional translation catalog formats? * Adding a navigation html parts for links to other languages? * Providing tx command wrapper? * And some other topics.
Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA, 25.07.2014
Sarah Bird

Open Contracting

Governments spend 7 trillion euros on public procurement every year. Some governments publish data about their public procurement.

We are an open-data project working for more transparent public procurement. We are writing an open data standard and building tools around it. You can learn more here:

We have a wide range of projects for everyone from python devs, machine-learning peeps, data geeks, designers, librarians.....there's something for everyone..

Please do get in touch in advance if you're interested in something in particular or have questions:!forum/public-ocds-dev


Mopidy ( is an extensible music server written in Python.

Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using a range of MPD and web clients.

A core dev and possibly other contributors are present and happy to get you started hacking on Mopidy, Mopidy extensions, or related projects like pyspotify.

BUCK suport

BUCK ( is an opensource and extensible build system developed by Facebook based heavily on the build system used at Google. It's DSL is Python and as such one can extend it using just python.

Currently they offer some rudimentary (non documented) support for Python, however that is far from being production ready.

I propose hacking a set of build rules for the Python community.

py_library: this would correspond to a single module, a package, or a set of packages.

py_test: test that automatically sets the environment, virtual env, etc.

py_binary: this is one of the main problems, as there is no standard way to generate a standalone package executable, atlhough there are some alternatives like, or one could think on building their own exploiting the fact that python can execute zipped files.

py_pypi: generate a pypi package

Plone 5

We plan to sprint on the upcoming release of the Open Source Content Management system Plone.

Here is a list of open issues that need to be solved for Plone 5:
Timo Stollenwerk, 11.07.2014


plone.recipe.codeanalysis is a static code analysis tool based on zc.buildout. It has been created by the Plone community to define and test our coding best practices. Though, it is highly configurable and can be used by any Python-based project.
Timo Stollenwerk, 11.07.2014
You could also be interested in Git lint (
Sebastian Kreft, 15.07.2014
Baptiste Mispelon


Some members of the Django team will be there to help you contribute to Django (

Beginners and seasonned developers are welcome.


Kotti is a high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an user-friendly, nimble and extensible web content management system called the Kotti CMS, offering all the features you would expect from a modern CMS.

We would like to work on new features, such as:

- a flexible, fully configurable BLOB storage

- history / versioning support

- your idea here



IRC: irc://


Core Dev present. Happy to explain the internals.

Cool! We could integrate the python annotations.
Sebastian Kreft, 11.07.2014
I'd like to see more of your cool Jedi linter approach :-)
Henning Jacobs, 25.07.2014


Any work on PyPy ( Two or three people from the core PyPy group will be there the first day.

Maksym Shalenyi

Substance D

Great web framework build on top of Pyramid.



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