Come to discuss the past, present and future of the OpenRefine project, on from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June 2024, in Berlin and online. This event is for all interested OpenRefine community members, partners and stakeholders who want to help shape the project’s future.

Sessions can be proposed on this portal and will be voted on by participants. You need to register first to submit and vote on propositions.

We welcome sessions about anything OpenRefine, such as:

  • Demo of a workflow or specific usage of OpenRefine in your community or organization
  • Comparison of OpenRefine with other software
  • Discussion to improve Documentation, Translation, User Onboarding, Training…
  • Sprint to tackle a specific topic on documentation, training…
  • Feedback on your experience contributing to OpenRefine, how we can improve our contributor experience
  • Design review and usability testing session
  • Discussion regarding OpenRefine governance, how we make decisions, how one gains or loses access 

Session duration and formats can be varied, depending on the needs. We would like to make remote participation possible as much as possible, so it would be ideal if session formats can be compatible with that.

When registering, please indicate whether you will attend in person or remotely and which day you plan to attend. We are planning Monday, June 17, as a travel day. We may run optional sessions depending on participants' interests and suggestions.