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The OAuth Security Workshop 2021 will be held as a two-day virtual event.

OSW welcomes all topics that roughly fit into the areas OAuth, OpenID Connect, and GNAP, be it from a standardization, application, or research perspective. 


The schedule is subject to change throughout the event, e.g., when new sessions are proposed.

Free spots in the schedule can be used for ad-hoc meetings.

Nov. 30: 14:45 UTC — 23:00 UTC (ical and Google Calendar at

Dec. 1: 14:45 UTC — 23:00 UTC (ical and Google Calendar at

 → Please see here for details on the sessions.

Update 1, 2021-23-11: Switched the two last talks on Day 2 in Room 2 due to a speaker conflict.

Update 2, 2021-26-11: Removed "State of the Clients" session (postponed), added "Using OpenID Connect for SSI Credential Issuance" in its place.

Update 3, 2021-29-11: Added "Formal Protocol Analysis: Foundations and Analysis of Siop and Gnap".


The event is free of charge. A prior registration on this site is required.


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