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The OAuth Security Workshop 2021 will be held as a two-day virtual event. 

- Sessions, Submissions and Schedule -

For this edition of the OSW, we use a simplified submission process: Session proposals will be collected on this website. The schedule will be assembled by the organziation committee from these session proposals.

Please submit a session proposal if

  • you want to give a talk or tutorial,
  • you are interested in convening a working session on a topic,
  • or if you want to discuss a topic or question, whether you are an expert in that topic or not.

Every participant can propose and conduct a session. We explicitly invite newcomers to submit a session proposal.

OSW welcomes all topics that roughly fit into the areas OAuth, OpenID Connect, and GNAP, be it from a standardization, application, or research perspective. 

Schedule outline:

Nov. 30: 15:00 UTC — 21:30 UTC (ical and Google Calendar at

Dec. 1: 15:00 UTC — 21:30 UTC (ical and Google Calendar at


- Participating -

The event will be free of charge. A prior registration on this site is required.

- Sponsor -

Main sponsor for this event is