More Information (FAQ)

When does the SecCamp start and end?

Saturday, April 4, 09:00 to approx. 19:00.
Sunday, April 5, 09:00 to approx. 17:00.

See here and here for details.

What language will the sessions be held in?

Sessions can be held in German and in English, although we prefer English.

How are the sessions determined?

The SecCamp follows the Unconference or Open Space pattern: At the start of each day, session conveners can present their proposals in the plenary. If there is interest in a particular session, it is put on the schedule.

Session conveners MAY submit a session proposal online to give other participants the chance to get familiar with the proposal before the event. There is, however, no need to do so! All sessions, whether submitted online beforehand or not, get the same chance to be on the schedule.

Will there be breakfast and lunch?

Yes, lunch and a small breakfast will be covered by our sponsors. Vegetarian choices will be available.

Who organizes this event? Is this a corporate event?

The SecCamp is organized independently by the CMD e.V., a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing knowledge around computers and computer science. The other big event organized by CMD e.V. is Pi and More. Nobody makes any money with this :-)

The sponsors that will be presented at the beginning of the event help us to cover lunch, breakfast, and other expenses. GfU Cyrus AG provides the venue and drinks.

Is there a limitation on the topics?

The topics should be in the wider area of information security, and not focus on selling a product or presenting a company.