Main organiser of the Youth BarCamp is WienXtra, a youth work agency in Vienna, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth and the project youthpart. The Youth BarCamp is realized together with different partners from six countries: Koordinaatti (Finland), British Youth Council (United Kingdom), INJUVE (Spain), AEGEE-Europe (Belgium), CECE (Spain) and Liquid Democracy e.V. (Germany).

Partner contacts (in case of specific country questions)

Finland | Koordinaatti | Ms Merja-Maaria Oinas | Merja-Maaria.Oinas (at) ouka (dot) fi
United Kingdom | British Youth Council | Mr Rhammel Afflick | Rhammel.Afflick (at) byc (dot) org (dot) uk
Spain | INJUVE | Bruno Mazo del Unamuno | delmazoub (at) injuve (dot) es
Belgium | AEGEE-Europe | Mr Pavel Zbornik | pavel.zbornik (at) aegee (dot) org
Germany | youthpart project | Ms Nadine Karbach & Mr Jürgen Ertelt | youthpart (at) ijab (dot) de
Austria | WienXtra | Mrs Bettina Schwarzmayr | Bettina.Schwarzmayr (at) wienxtra (dot) at