July 21: Tutorials/Workshops 21.07.2020, 14:00 - 21:15

On the first day, we will have two tutorials slots with up to 3 hours each. If needed, multiple workshops can run in parallel.

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OBIE/OIDF Conformance and Certifications
A joint workshop by the OpenID Foundation and Open Banking Implementation Entity on Conformance and Certifications. => Welcome & Introduction * Intro to OpenID Foundation * Intro to Open Banking Implementation Entity * Why conformance and certification is critical to ensuring standards are secure and interoperable Don Thibeau (OIDF) Chris Michael (OBIE & Session Host) => Introduction to OpenID Connect and Financial-grade API (FAPI) * OpenID Connect overview * Introduction to Financial-grade API (FAPI) * Vision for the FAPI profile and conformance tools in a global context => Detailed Overview of the FAPI and CIBA Profiles Including Enhanced Security in New Versions * High level functionality of latest drafts of FAPI and CIBA * The extra security in FAPI-RW 1.0 and FAPI 2.0 * Future planned updates Nat Sakimura (OIDF) Dave Tonge (OIDF & Moneyhub) => Introduction to the OBIE Standard * Summary of Functional APIs and DCR * Different approaches to use of OBIE * Directory and eIDAS certificate validation Freddi Gyara (OBIE) => Standards, Security & Interoperability Discussion * The security advantages of the OB directory model vs eIDAS * The apparent conflict between security and interoperability, especially in bank environments Dave Tonge (OIDF & Moneyhub) Freddi Gyara (OBIE) => How Certification Programs Attempt to Ensure Both Security and Interoperability: Demonstration of the OpenID Conformance Test Suite * Overview of self-certification * Examples of security & interoperability checks the suite does on OAuth2 & OpenID Connect * Architecture / extensibility / applicability to further protocols * Future roadmap * Demo of the conformance test suite including App-App tests & RP tests Joseph Heenan (OIDF & Fintech Labs) => How Certification Programs Attempt to Ensure Both Security and Interoperability: Demonstration of the OBIE Conformance Tool * For AIS, PIS, CBPII and DCR * Examples of security & interoperability checks Glyn Jackson (OBIE) & Julian Coombes (OBIE) => Q&A Session on OIDF & OBIE Specifications & Conformance Tools Don Thibeau (OIDF) Chris Michael (OBIE) => Open Audience Discussion on Issues and Suggestions * Getting other jurisdictions engaged * Global open banking initiatives * What can OIDF & OBIE do to help? Don Thibeau (OIDF) Chris Michael (OBIE)
Room: Plenary