Rules & COC

Code of Conduct

A few simple and self-evident rules:


To make the OAuth Security Workshop a positive experience for everyone, we expect you to behave in a considerate and respectful manner and to strive for understanding and cooperation in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts right from the start.


Unacceptable are in particular insults of all kinds; conscious intimidation, stalking, and persecution; unwanted photography or recording; repeated disturbance of lectures and other events; unwanted physical contact and harassment. This applies to sponsors and participants alike. Anyone who cannot follow these simple rules will be excluded from the event (without prior warning, without reimbursement of any costs).

Unconference Rules

The law of the feet


If you don't (anymore) profit from a session and you can't (anymore) contribute anything, then leave it in peace and with self-evidence. Look for a new, already running session or take a break.



Whatever happens is the only thing that could have ("Et kütt wie et kütt")


Sessions do not follow a fixed schedule. Address the concerns of others and your own. Be considerate and attentive to others. This is what the session lives on, this is what makes it alive. Whether it was the way you thought it was afterwards is not so important. Be prepared to be surprised.



It ends when it ends


The timeslot of the session ends at a certain time. But if everything has been said before, the session can conclude before.



Responsibility for Sessions


All participants - the session leader as well as everyone else - are jointly responsible for ensuring that the session brings something to all participants. A participant should document the most important findings from the session in the respective Etherpad (see time grid on website) for the session.